K-12 Schools


Building a Disaster-Resilient
K-12 School District, College, or University

In the last decade, disasters have affected schools all across the country with high frequency. They sometimes cause death and injury and always impose monetary losses and disruption of the institution’s teaching, research and public service. The damage caused to buildings and infrastructure and interruption to the institutional mission result in significant losses. These losses can be measured by faculty and student departures, decreases in research funding, and increases in insurance premiums.

Tactron has teamed up with Schoenfeldt and Associates, www.safer-schools.com, a leader in school emergency scene management and incident prevention for over 20 years, to offer a simple and cost effective tool for any district. Designed for K-12 public and private schools, the Suddenly In Command™, “Grab and Go” kit provides expert guidance and direction during the crucial first phase of any school crisis and through recovery. The kit is based on the nationally adopted IS-100.SCa program developed by the Emergency Management Institute in collaboration with the Department of Education.

The Suddenly In Command™ kit is a portable, lightweight and complete resource that is a must for every school. The kit contains the following items:

Action Checklists:
Lock Down
Shelter In Place

Responsibility Checklists for:
Command Section
      Incident Coordinator – Printed on an clipboard with map of school on back (must be provided)
      Public Information Officer
      Safety Officer
      Liaison Officer
      Mental Health Crisis Team Coordinator

Operations Section
      Accountability Team Leader
      Parent Student Center Team Leader
      Security Team Leader
      Search & Locate Team Leader
      Medical/First Aid Team Leader

Logistics Section
      Communications Team Leader
      Transportation Team Leader

Planning/Intel Section
      Incident Log Scribe
      Information Gathering Team Leader

Admin/Finance Section
      Finance Team Leader

Ready To Use Forms:
ICS Organizational Chart
Student Accountability
Status Log
Parent Student Release
Agency Check In Log
Staging Area Sign

Incident Coordinator Vest
Post It Notes
First Aid Kit

Aftermath Resources:
CD containing complete aftermath plan

Suddenly In Command!!  Is complete but may to be customized to suit your needs. Contact us for details.